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still fighting for you friends of bernie sanders - thanks for signing up this political revolution is powered by people like you donate to help bernie keep fighting for progressive change, who is levi sanders bernie sanders son running time - levi sanders the son of independent vermont sen bernie sanders announced he will seek to join his father in congress in a statement on his campaign website sanders said he will run in new, dnc rule change may block bernie sanders from running as - democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders speaks at the democratic national committee summer meeting in 2015 a new rule change may block sanders from running democrat in 2020, bernie sanders son levi is running for congress - senator bernie sanders son levi announced monday that he is to run for congress the only biological child of the veteran left winger and former presidential contender levi sanders will run, jordan klepper grills bernie sanders about running for - feel the bern jordan klepper grills bernie sanders about running for president in 2020 there is less division among the american people and certainly within the democratic party than people, alex jones of info wars chases bernie sanders through - campaign rhetoric from 2016 came back to haunt vermont sen bernie sanders this week during a run in with info wars alex jones in los angeles international airport one of america s most, bernie sanders for president the nation - in bernie sanders these movements for greater equality and justice have found an ally and a champion in contrast to the right wing demagogues who exploit these crises to foment division the, senator bernie sanders on democratic socialism in the - in his inaugural remarks in january 1937 in the midst of the great depression president franklin delano roosevelt looked out at the nation and this is what he saw he saw tens of millions of its citizens denied the basic necessities of life he saw millions of families trying to live on incomes so meager that the pall of family disaster hung over them day by day, bernie sanders s politics of national socialism site - the union hall like the strangely church like auditorium at drake university the night before was chosen with calculation bernie he s bernie not senator sanders or mr sanders or, bernie sanders considering second run for president - sen bernie sanders s former campaign manager says the vermont independent is taking a good look at whether he should attempt a second presidential campaign he is considering another run for, ghetto gaffe highlights bernie sanders campaign s - while discussing his own racial blind spots during sunday night s democratic presidential debate in flint michigan sen bernie sanders offered that white people don t know what it, bernie sanders to announce plan to guarantee every - sen bernie sanders i vt will announce a plan for the federal government to guarantee a job paying 15 an hour and health care benefits to every american worker who wants or needs one, inside bernie s wild ride politico magazine - the biggest argument was over running as a democrat over and over bernie sanders said he didn t want to he d spent his whole life purposefully outside the democratic party he treasured his, outsider in the white house special audio edition bernie - bernie sanders campaign for the presidency of the united states has galvanized supporters all over the country drawing attention to issues of economic racial and social justice and spotlighting one of the most interesting and unconventional candidates in decades, sen bernie sanders rallies for rep keith ellison - sanders called ellison running for minnesota attorney general a personal friend and vigorous fighter, there is no bernie sanders movement slate magazine - he d just been declared the winner in the wisconsin democratic primary and now bernie sanders speaking from a stage in laramie wyoming was thunderi, bernie sanders amazon is too big business insider - sen bernie sanders thinks amazon has gotten too large in an interview on cnn the 2016 democratic presidential candidate said i think it is important to take a look at the power and influence, bernie sanders won t endorse son levi sanders new - if anyone can get bernie sanders endorsement it should be his son but per axios levi sanders who s running for a seat in new hampshire s 1st congressional district hasn t received, bernie sanders is still borrowing the democratic party - sanders s weird relationship with his adoptive party persists with his 2018 reelection bid in which he ll seek the democratic nomination but won t accept it, what would happen if bernie sanders taxed wall street - bernie sanders wants to raise a lot of money from wall street his plan isn t to ask wall street for money it s to demand it in the form of a financial transaction tax, released emails suggest the d n c derided the sanders - top officials at the democratic national committee criticized and mocked senator bernie sanders of vermont during the primary campaign even though the organization publicly insisted that it was, uk protesters welcome trump and bernie sanders teams up - bernie sanders photograph carolyn kaster ap senator bernie sanders is hosting a ceos v workers town hall on monday night in partnership with act tv the guardian nowthis the young turks, it s not bernie sanders who s holding the democrats back - news corp is a network of leading companies in the world of diversified media news and information services