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amazon com dashiell hammett crime stories and other - in the stories and novellas he wrote for black mask and other pulp magazines in the 1920s and 1930s dashiell hammett took the detective story and turned it into a medium for capturing the jarring textures and revved up cadences of modern american life in this volume the library of america collects the finest of these stories twenty four in all along with some revealing essays and an, amazon com dashiell hammett complete novels red - dashiell hammett 1894 1961 a master of the hard bolied detective fiction was the author of the maltese falcon the thin man and the continental op stories among other celebrated works steven marcus volume editor is george delacorte professor of the humanities emeritus at columbia university a distinguished cultural historian and literary critic he is the author of many books, dashiell hammett wikip dia - biographie n dans une famille pauvre fils d un escroc vaguement politicien devenu juge dashiell hammett passe sa jeunesse philadelphie il part de chez lui 14 ans en 1908 pour mener une vie de boh me o il sera initi la loi de la rue et en gardera un gout prononc pour le bourbon, library of america wikipedia - the library of america loa is a nonprofit publisher of classic american literature founded in 1979 with seed money from the national endowment for the humanities and the ford foundation the loa has published over 300 volumes by a wide range of authors from mark twain to philip roth nathaniel hawthorne to saul bellow including the selected writings of several u s presidents, today s events smithsonian institution - smithsonian theaters featuring imax state of the art 35mm film presentations and the einstein planetarium