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law of the united states wikipedia - the law of the united states comprises many levels of codified forms of law of which the most important is the united states constitution the foundation of the federal government of the united states the constitution sets out the boundaries of federal law which consists of acts of congress treaties ratified by the senate regulations promulgated by the executive branch and case law, united states history map flag population - united states officially united states of america abbreviated u s or u s a byname america country in north america a federal republic of 50 states besides the 48 conterminous states that occupy the middle latitudes of the continent the united states includes the state of alaska at the northwestern extreme of north america and the island state of hawaii in the mid pacific ocean, korematsu v united states us law lii legal - top concurrence frankfurter j concurring opinion mr justice frankfurter concurring according to my reading of civilian exclusion order no 34 it was an offense for korematsu to be found in military area no 1 the territory wherein he was previously living except within the bounds of the established assembly center of that area, united states simple english wikipedia the free - the united states of america commonly referred to as the united states the u s the usa or america is a federal constitutional republic comprising fifty states and a federal district the country is situated mostly in central north america where its forty eight contiguous states and washington d c the capital district lie between the pacific and atlantic oceans bordered by canada to, beer culture in theory and practice understanding craft - beer culture has grown exponentially in the united states from the days of prohibition to the signing of hr 1337 by then president jimmy carter which legalized homebrewing for personal and household use to the potential hop shortage that all brewers are facing today, culture of united states of america history people - identification the name america is often used to refer to the united states but until the political formation of the united states after the revolutionary war this designation referred to south america only